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About Us

It all began...
..over twenty years ago, selling logs from a small tree surgery business in Huddersfield. The idea to increase the product range to include recycled peat logs and coke reclaimed from water treatment plants laid the foundations of the present business.The best use of fuel is our aim and to that end our business is now developing skills and product ranges in the field of renewable fuels, such as Biomass, Solar Energy, Geothermal and Wind power.
That was then, but now..
..we are a limited company, serving the local community and also operating nationally. Numbers are growing.
And we offer...
..a diverse range of products, from a box of matches to many kinds of fuel, from high tech stoves or cookers to chimney products and of course free advice and help. Able Fuels will carry its policy of continually striving to improve its services and product range into the new millennium with confidence. The customer chooses and we deliver.  A name, a face and no call queuing.
You can find us at...
..our main centre of operations at Fartown, Huddersfield, which offers weekly log/biomass deliveries to all districts within a twenty mile radius if you order over 250kg it is free delivery, showroom open with a cash and carry service six days a week, "Pot Belly" stove and accessories advice and help.
..our growing internet and telephone. The customer queries, talks, checks, orders and we serve and deliver, personally.